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Event Management

We specialise in the beginning to end planning, provision, and management of events. We have the skills, experience, and talented staff required to deliver the perfect day every time.

Bringing together a unforgettable and truly remarkable event is not easy. It takes energy, attention to detail, and a wide knowledge of different ceremonies and styles. Our event management team have years of experience making events run to plan. They have the time to do the legwork and to chase down every detail. We know and understand the wedding industry, and already have a network of reliable suppliers in place. Our planners know what works with the necessary skills and experience to bring it all together. Trust us; you’ll have too much to worry about on the big day as it is. We can definitely help.

It is to your advantage to use an event manager who can handle every aspect of your event. We only use hand-picked providers and service people with whom we have worked in the past, and developed trusting and quality relationships. Our in- house staff and wide network of designers, florists, caterers, djs, make-up artists and may more stand ready to make your event what it should be: a seamless, unified whole from beginning to end to give you the perfect wedding experience.

  • We specialise in planning Asian weddings and similar ceremonies. While we are flexible and able to manage any event, we constantly work to refine our core strengths, all to provide you with the best possible quality and service that you deserve.

  • We have a large network of reliable, top quality photographers, caterers, florists, and other suppliers. We know and trust every one of our suppliers. All are experienced professionals with good reputations within the industry. We put simply, only use the best.

  • We work with you, and arrange the wedding that you imagine. We believe that proper event management begins when the first design choice is made, and ends only when the last piece of furniture has been removed, and the venue cleaned spotlessly. We leave nothing to chance.

  • No matter what you need, or how specific your design, we will move mountains to give you the day you always wanted. We are committed to giving you the perfect wedding.